opera singer

vocalist performer

trapeze artist

 » opera / circus / cabaret,
classic / pop / contemporary,

I like to be crossover,

playing with styles,

and boundaries… »

opera singer and trapeze artist,

Cécile Rives sings and performs since more than 15 years in very differents places and contextes :

in churches, in an olympic stadium, for tv shows, in theaters, museums, in the street…

for classical concerts, experimental music, in bow of boat, suspended in front of a temple, on her trapeze…

in Venezia, Moscow, Dubai, Berne, Arles, Stockholm… and Paris, of course!

Opera Fantasy 1

an opera singer and stilts dancer
creates amazing and poetic characters

Opera Fantasy 2

opera singer and trapeze artist,
a Traviata burlesque

A Drum is a Woman

Cécile Rives and Aldo Romano,
a duo of free music